Auberge de Jeunesse HI Paris Yves Robert

General information
__Établissement Auberge de Jeunesse HI Paris Yves Robert
__Activités Hébergement collectif
Address 20 Esplanade Nathalie Sarraute
33185   Paris
Paris, Île-de-France
Contact +33 1 40 38 87 90
Référent Mme BIAN Ziyi
+33 1 40 38 87 90
Marques Attribuées Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Auditif, Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Mental, Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Moteur, Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Visuel
Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Auditif
Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Mental
Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Moteur
Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Visuel
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description in French  The Yves Robert hostel is part of the United Federation of Youth Hostels (FUAJ), a non-profit association (law 1901) created in 1956. It is part of the French international network of Youth Hostels (Hostelling International). We have been awarded with the the "Green Key" eco-label and also the Hi-Quality label.

The hostel is both a place of accommodation, catering, entertainment and a place of reception for various activities. It also has an associative bar open to the neighborhood clientele as well as to our visitors.

Our hostel thus welcomes a very varied clientele and our objective this year is to promote the tourism for all. That is why our establishment has special facilities for the reception and comfort of our guests.
We make available:
-The plan of the establishment in Braille writing
- Auditory guidance.
-A magnetic loop and audible and visual alarms.
-We have available on each floor the Information and Orientation of the establishment in Braille writing, especially in the corridors, bedrooms and meeting rooms.
-Information in Braille in the elevators.
- We have tactile strips on all the stairs.
- Floor guidance in all floors
-Our rooms and bathrooms are equipped for visitors with disabilities (grab bars, and a large area)
-Our performance halls are equipped for the comfort and safety of our visitors with disabilities.

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