Envergure Réunion

General information
__Établissement Envergure Réunion
__Activités Sport de nature
Address 1 bis chemin Bras Pistolet
97441   Sainte-Suzanne
La Réunion, La Réunion
Website http://www.canyon-speleo.re/
Contact +20 6 93 43 23 52
Référent Mr ou Mme BEDOIRE Simon
+20 6 93 43 23 52
Marques Attribuées Marque Qualité Tourisme
Marque Qualité Tourisme
__Image de présentation du partenaire Qualité Tourisme  Ile de la Réunion Qualité Tourisme Ile de la Réunion
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description in French  Envergure Réunion organises exploration outings into the caves under the volcano, tunnels within the lava. It also offers hikes down the most beautiful canyons of the island.Activities all over the island.-Discovery Route : accessible to all over the age of 6, observation of the formation of amazing underground caves and landscapes (3 hours).-Classic Route : an outing of 2 km between the high and low sectors of the networks of tunnels to discover galleries of all sizes, chambers, petrified cascades of lava and wells of light (5 hours).-Advanced Route : an exploration of the entire network which covers the narrower and more maze-like 'tunnel de Dimanche' on top of the Classical Route (6 hours).Envergure Réunion also organises outings to the island's most beautiful canyons : Trou Blanc, Fleurs Jaunes, Langevin, Sainte-Suzanne, Takamaka, Dudu, Trou de fer. Material provided for each activity

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