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Address Allée Ulysse Odysseum
34000   Montpellier
Hérault, Occitanie
Contact +33 4 67 13 05 64
Référent M. Reilhac Bernard
+33 4 67 13 05 64
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Marque Qualité Tourisme
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description in French  Mare Nostrum Aquarium.... Undersea exploration to experience!With over 400 species, its immersive theatre, its giant basin or its storm simulator, the Mare Nostrum Aquarium is the unbeatable experience of the Region.Take a tour of the ocean world and encounter over 30,000 animals! Observe them attentively, all of them will surprise you?Starting point for your exploration: the discovery of the wealth of the Mediterranean Sea. Then, head for the Atlantic Ocean, South Africa and its penguins, the deep abysses of the Indian Ocean, the majestic ballet of the rays and sharks in the ocean vastness, the multi-coloured fish in a coral lagoon and the luxuriant vegetation of the Amazon forest? For over 2 hours, let yourself be guided in this fascinating exploration of the heart of marine life!The tour ends with the exhibition event ?Odyssey Mission?, a new adventure that transports you right inside an undersea exploration station: like real Ocean Explorers, share 4 missions to pierce the secrets of the undersea world! Then, board a submarine X-plorer to experience a 3D expedition unlike any other?New in 2015:The little black-tip sharks arrive in the lagoon!Participate with the family in the new game, ?Become an Ocean Explorer?! Experience a tour of the ocean world that is full of surprises! With their explorer?s notebook and guided by X-plO, the super ocean hero, children must each in turn demonstrate concentration, courage, curiosity and imagination?A programme of events full of surprises!Feeding sharks and tropical fish, trainers that are diving, training penguins? Don?t miss these privileged moments in the company of the trainers and assistants to get to know the marine environment and its inhabitants!

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