General information
__Établissement VICE VERSA
__Activités Hotel
Address 213 Rue de la Croix Nivert
72540   Paris
Paris, Île-de-France
Contact +33 1 55 76 55 55
Correspondant Qualité Tourisme M. SOTTEAU ALEXANDRE
+33 1 55 76 55 55
+33 1 55 76 55 55
Marques Attribuées Marque Qualité Tourisme
Marque Qualité Tourisme
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description in French  The hotel offers 37 rooms spread throughout 7 floors. Each of them is designed around one of the 7 Deadly Sins, reflected in every detail, from the floor to the ceiling.
With Gluttony, you will find impossible to resist your guilty pleasures.
Greed is manifested in the form of bank notes, clustered in abundance on the walls and ceiling.
Wrath is tinged with red and black, and decorated with spray paint tagged pictures and revolvers drawn on the carpet.
Composed of gold, statues and marble floors, Pride immerses you into the atmosphere of an Etruscan palace.
Envy stirs up the feelings of covetousness using distinctly Parisian fashion accessories.
Sloth allows you to taste the rustic joys of a relaxing bucolic setting.
And you can lose yourself in the heat of the moment ami

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