Avel char

General information
__Établissement Avel char
__Activités Recreational facilities
Educational activities
Address 4 rue du bord de mer
35120   Hirel
Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne
Website https://www.avelchars-a-voile.com/
Contact +33 6 03 27 18 76
Référent M. Favron Aurélien
+33 6 03 27 18 76
Marques Attribuées Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Auditif, Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Mental, Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Moteur, Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Visuel
Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Auditif
Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Mental
Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Moteur
Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Visuel
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description in French  AVEL is a sand yacht center on the coast of Brittany that welcomes you in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel on the strand of Hirel.

AVEL proposes to make you discover the pleasures of the sand yachting in the bay of Mont St Michel, on the town of Hirel, 15 min from St Malo. This outdoor activity can give you strong sensations as soon as you start it.

The way how to drive a sand yacht can be acquired very quickly, and will develop the desire to discover the whole strand of Hirel, its fauna and its flora. This activity is well suited for both novice and experienced audiences in the sailing world, adults and children (8 years old) in single-seater. For the youngest, two-seaters are also available.

The practice of sand yachting is a fun sport, pleasant to practice with family and friends.

We are open every day from 10am to 7pm upon reservation. The instructors, Aurélien FAVRON and Johann FAVE, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sports, will be glad to welcome you in the Avel center to make you discover their passion.

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