Le Familistère de Guise

General information
__Établissement Le Familistère de Guise
__Activités Lieu de visite
Address 179 Familistère Pavillon central
02120   Guise
Aisne, Hauts-de-France
Website https://www.familistere.com/
Contact +33 3 23 61 35 36
Correspondant Qualité Tourisme Mme Godbert Amélie
+33 3 23 61 35 36
Référent Mme Godbert Amélie
+33 3 23 61 35 36
Marques Attribuées Marque Qualité Tourisme
Marque Qualité Tourisme
__Image de présentation du partenaire CRT Hauts de France CRT Hauts de France
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description in French  From 1859 to 1884 at Guise (Aisne), near his cast-iron stove factory, Jean-Baptiste André Godin built housing for 2,000 residents: the Familistère. This “People’s Palace” was one of the most ambitious social experiments of the industrialised world. The Familistère was a critical and original interpretation of Fourier’s phalanstery: a unique Utopian achievement which lasted until 1968, run by a co-operative association of capital and labour. After ten years of restoration and development as part of the Utopia project, the Familistère at Guise (still inhabited) is now a site museum portraying and questioning the pursuit of this ideal, with 5,000 sq.m. of exhibitions and several hectares of gardens.
The tour takes you from the owner’s apartment to the Italianate theatre, from the old company store to the central building, from the laundry-swimming
pool to the gardens of the ‘Palais social’.

Pictures of the establishment
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