Hôtel Les Saules

General information
__Établissement Hôtel Les Saules
__Activités Hôtel
Address 4 place du Marché
01540   Vonnas
Ain, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Website https://www.georgesblanc.com/fr/village-blanc/nos-hotels/hotel-les-saules.html?utm_source=google_mybusiness&utm_medium=les_saules
Contact +33 4 74 50 90 90
Référent M. Maillon Antoine
+33 4 74 50 90 90
Marques Attribuées Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Auditif, Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Mental, Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Moteur
Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Auditif
Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Mental
Marque Tourisme & Handicap — Picto Moteur
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description in French  Les Saules Park & ​​Spa
A beautiful half-timbered building on the banks of the river offers you several nicely decorated and comfortable rooms. All are air-conditioned and most have a balcony facing the square or the river.
The Hotel Les Saules offers you comfort, pleasure and tranquility in a refined and more contemporary atmosphere for our superior rooms, cozy for our traditional rooms.

Pictures of the establishment
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