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__Établissement CHATEAU DE LANCYRE
__Activités --
Address Lancyre
34270   Valflaunès
Hérault, Occitanie
Contact +33 4 67 55 32 74
Référent M. VALENTIN Régis
+33 4 67 55 32 74
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Marque Qualité Tourisme
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description in French  Château de Lancyre is located in the South of France on exceptional lands of the Languedoc, hosting the prestigious origin-controlled ?Pic Saint-Loup?. North of Montpellier lie special lands, sheltered by a climate ideal for producing the best grapes! Here, at the foot of the mountain, in a fragrant scrubland where the fresh nights blend with the permanent sunshine of the day, are produced the best vintages. Pic St-Loup de Lancyre has a certain personality, a signature that is an indicator for every wine-taster, waiter or hedonist, or simply for any passer-by in search of something authentic!The staff at the Château, rest assured, will endeavour to seek the best maturity, injecting their passion and know-how to provide magic in your wine-glass!

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